Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Are Monsters

We finally got it finished!  Now all I need are my "Little Monsters"!

I'm going to try CRAFT this year and see how it goes!  Im kinda worried but we will see!

Job helpers and Mailbox!

Along with my ever so coveted IKEA couch!

All the sayings on my wall are vinyl!  My husband is in the trade show business so I get my vinyl cut for free!  A HUGE thank you to my hubby and Mike, who cuts it for me!

My New and Improved Library!  My daughter worked so hard this summer organizing and putting new stickers on each book!  You are the bomb Ash!

I can not believe how cute this turned out.  The slime is vinyl along with the saying.  I printed the eyes and hands on sticker paper.  The welcome sign you see in the window is actually in my room, but it kinda looks cool the way the picture turned out!

Sign out and message board. 

Teacher area!  Love my new chair my hubby bought me!

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