Monday, September 1, 2014

Feeling Like A Fish Out of Water

The Friday before school started I was feeling very overwhelmed and so not prepared for the start of another school year.  Things at home where still up in the air, and not back together (after the water damage).  My husband was still crazy busy, which yes is a good thing but when it gets to crazy, I get crazy and become the helicopter wife and feel the need to swoop in to help:( Along with everything else we realized that we did not have enough kiddo's for the number of kindergarten teachers we had on staff.  Therefore, we as a team we decided instead of having the poor little babies start with one teacher and then end up in another class, one of us would spend the first few weeks of school testing our kinder's and waiting to see where the numbers end up.  Call it a moment of craziness, but I opted to take the job!  I've enjoyed the time working with kids one on one.  Helping teachers get their smart boards up and running, along with all of the other jobs I have been assigned to.  But, I feel so out of place and lost.  I can't wait to have a class!  The only question is what grade will it be?  I'm off in a new direction with many adventures ahead of me.  I'm not only scared to death, I am very excited.  To help celebrate my craziness I am sharing the kindergarten assessment that I have designed and am giving our kiddo's.  I hope it is helpful!

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