Friday, August 26, 2016

Candyland Classroom

This years classroom theme is candy and chalkboard! 

This wall has my 7 habit banner. 

Here is my anchor chard board.  The Gum Drops are magnets.  
This is where I will hang our anchor charts through out the year.  
I like to place the charts on top of each other so that the kiddo's can flip through them as needed.
This board is located next to the writing center, I did this so that the kids can use the charts as a reference when writing. 

Candy bouquet!  

This is the door into the classroom!

House/Dramatic Play Center


Parent Communication!
This board is where we keep extra copies of all the extra communications. 
Helps keep us organized and on top of things!

Puppet/Retelling Center!

This beauty was made for me, by my husbands employee!  Such an amazing hubby to pay to have it made and Mike is an all star for always being ready and willing to make odds and ends for my classroom.


Word wall and teaching board!  
Here is where the Magic happens!

Othr then putting together a few things here and there, we are ready for kiddo's~!

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