Friday, October 28, 2016



What a fun and exchiting few weeks we had learning about spiders!

We spent a week on each book!

Aaaaarrgghh Spider! Our vocabulary words where sparkly, pet, spider and spider web. 
The Very Busy Spider, we worked on the words, silky, field, fence post and beautiful. 

Anchor Charts

We spent one day creating a spider and the second day labeliing him.  After spending time learing about spiders we created a tree map about spiders.  For story retelling we used The Very Busy Spider. 

We sang the song the Its Bitsy Spider, I created a class book to keep in the library and sent home a mini book for the kids to read to their parents. 

We did much much more and I am going to try really hard to remember to take pictures!  I just get so busy with my kiddo's I forget to take pictures and document all the fun we are having!

Aaaaaarrgghhhhhh a Spider!

During our spider unit, my little sweet hearts, informed me that we had a spider under the sand table. I quickly told them that it was just one of the spider rings that I added to the sand table.  Our girls kept telling us that it was brown and big and that the spider rings where orange and purple.  After some convincing, I decided to investigate!  No! it was not a spider . . .   it was a man eating spider!  I swear that sucker was the size of a silver dollar.  I attempted to put a cup on him to keep him in place until the janitor could come and deal with the beast.  However, as I approached him he full on attacked me.  I have never in all my years had a spider run at me.  The next thing I know I am on the table screaming and I have 20, 4 year olds on the table standing behind me yelling!  What a sight we where!  The assistant from next door, came and saved the day.  She hunted down the beast and sleighed him!

Come to find out he was a Wolf Spider!
The are known for attacking their pray, I told you that thing was trying to catch me and eat me!

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