Friday, December 9, 2016

Gingerbread Man

My kiddo's loved the Gingerbread Man!  

Our vocabulary words for the week where: wink, ginger, dough, batter and delicious!

To help with the difference between dough and batter, we made gingerbread play dough in class.  The kids loved making it and helping count out the number of scoops for each ingredient. 

We labeled the parts of a gingerbread man and at the end of the week we retold the story using picture prompts.

My kids love to decorate things, so I gave them tons of art supplies and a gingerbread man made of paper and let them go to town!

For our large motor activity we changed the refrain of the gingerbread man!

We stomped, jumped, hopped, skipped and walked!

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