Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolution

I have many things I would like to get under control this year! So I guess my resolution is to gain control over my life.

1.  My eating habits, I was diagnosed with food allergies and did really good for about two years, but I have not been eating the way I should for over a year and I sure can feel it!
2.  Get our family business even more under control.  My husband and I build booths for conventions, yes I teach as well and I have two teenage children.  We are a lot  more organized then we were a year ago, but there is always room for improvement (I got a neat connect and have started scanning everything I can get my hands on;)
3.  Do better at blogging, I am going to start with once a week and hope to move to twice or maybe three times a week. 
4.  Finish all those great units I have started and never finished so that I can share with you on TPT. 
5.  Enjoy life, don't sweat the small stuff. 

To kick of my blog I will be giving a way $10.00 worth of units from my TPT store to one of my luck first 10 followers.  

Happy New Year!! 

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  1. I'm your first follower in Bloglovin! Happy new year!