Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Book Club (Text-Dependent Questions)

Discuss how you currently go about the process of selecting texts to read in your classroom?  Do you think your process will change as a result of this book study?

I choose text based on a theme or message in mind along with a lot of collaboration, research and blogs.  I teach one book a week, this provides me with the opportunity to dig deep into the text and really hit the standard I am working on.   I feel like I make pretty good choices when it comes to text selection, however I believe this book will enhance the way I choose my texts and help me provide my students with rich literature.

Nancy Frey states that students must be giving the opportunity to struggle a bit.  How comfortable are you with giving students the space to struggle?

I am use to seeing kids struggle at home and at school, and I know that struggling with support is where learning happens.  However, some days it is harder to watch our kiddos struggle and I believe this is due to the pressure that is put on us as educators.  Yet, I have seen many times how the power of struggling helps kids become stronger academically and emotionally!

Douglas Fisher states that incorporating Close Reading can be a messy process.  How comfortable are you in trying new practices in your classroom?

I like to try and learn new things!  I agree it can be messy and finding the right support is the hard part.  Our district just eliminated all of our instructional coaches due to the teacher shortage.  Pushing coaches back into the classroom removed the support system that our teachers had in place.

A-ha-ha moment.

My a-ha-ha moment was that it's okay for some of the text dependent questions that I prepare may not get used any that's okay:)  I also realized that I need to give my kiddos more time to have conversations between themselves about the text.  I need to step back and let the learning take place between them.

Happy reading!!  Can't wait for chapter 2.

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