Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chapter 2 Text-Dependent Questions

This chapter reminds us that students must know what the text says before they progress to what the text means.  Discuss the practices you currently use in your classroom.  How might they change after reading this chapter.

I am guilty of front loading my kids with information before we read a text and even during the text, I tend to guide them through the meaning.  A lot of my Pre-K kiddos have never had a book read to them let alone talk about the text.  In the beginning my questions are more pointed, just to get them listening to the text and know what the text says.  However, as the year goes on, we can progress to more meaningful dialogues about the text, instead of me just guiding them.

I really like the part about how close reading helps students become text inspectors, I found it so enjoyable as I was reading the Face book posts that many of the teachers where thinking the same thing I was, which was to get a magnifying glass and have the kiddos pretend to be inspectors to find the information with in the text.  I think I would start this out in the beginning of the year by having my pre-k kiddos find the clues with in the pictures.

I hope that by reading this book I will be able to push my kiddos further and have the courage to take bigger leaps with my teaching.

We saw several examples of student discussions in the video.  What are some of your take a-ways from theses examples? 

Video 2.1:  I so agree with the misconception that Kindergarten and 1st grade students can't go deep, if we teach them the different layers and provide them with the vocabulary they can go deep, I have seen it done and it was impressive.  I truly believe this is also true with pre-K.  Slow and steady!

Video 2.2:  I enjoyed how he structured his questions,  this would be great for a teacher that can't handle the noise level with partner sharing.  I really like how he let the kiddos know what level of questions he was asking

Video 2.3: I really liked how she had the kiddos discuss with each other the meaning of the standard that they are focusing on for THE WEEK.  This was so amazing to see!

Video 2.4:  I love to hear teachers say that we are just the facilitators in close reading.  We really need to learn to sit back and facilitate the learning!  I also enjoyed what she said that by doing closed reads we are preparing students for college.  However, I was very frustrated when reading this chapter, because I know that in our district our elementary teachers are using these strategies but they are not being used in the High Schools and if they are it is by a very limited number of teachers;(

Final thoughts? I read this chapter twice, and both times I could not believe how my head was spinning from all the information.

A-ha-ha moments?

There where so many a-ha-ha moments with in this chapter!  However, the more I read the chapter and the further I get into the book I know that this is possible with in my classroom of pre-k kiddos.  It is not going to come easy but we will get there.

Next step?  My biggest take away from this chapter is that quality is better the quantity.  Slow down hold those discussions about the book, let the students talk to one another.

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