Saturday, July 16, 2016

Chapter 4 Text-Dependent Questions

Welcome back to chapter 4 of TDQ!

This chapter had a lot of A-Ha-Ha-Ha moments for me. 

I really liked how the author said that reading is like a jig saw puzzle.  We must simultaneously look at the pieces while imagining the puzzle as a whole.  This statement really made me stop and think about how in the early grades we have so many piece when it comes to reading and that we really need to slow down and teach quality lessons.  Which leads back to my battle of why it is important to teach one book a week and really look at the text, from all the different angles.    

While I was reading this chapter I keep thinking about my long range plans that I have been working on and what books I plan to use each week.  
Take a look at this list of books and resources that Mrs. Wills and Mrs. Jump put together for us.  Thank you so much for doing this!  
I am so excited, many of the books I planed to use where on this list!  I can't wait to dive into this resource. 

On page 101 there is a great anchor chart to go with No, David!  I use this book at the beginning of the year to help establish classroom rules.  I can't wait to add this beauty into my lesson!!

Even though author's purpose is not part of the curriculum in pre-k, I believe we can expose our kiddos to it.  This chapter reminded me of the saying "If you build it they will come".  If you expose and challenge them they will rise to the occasion!  

The Questions for Determining the Author's Purpose, on page 112-114 provide many samples on how to help children dig deeper into the text.    Pages 116-118 give examples on how to use other text and media platforms, to help children make intertextual connections.  

As I said above this chapter was amazing, I could not put the book down!

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