Friday, July 29, 2016

Partner Talk

II've never really been good at introducing partner talk to my students.  So I have made it a goal this year.  Yes we will be doing partner talk in pre-k:).  Thanks to Kim Adsin at the I teach pre-k conference I have some ideas to use.

My favorite was the microphones.   The kiddo holding the microphone is the one talking while the other needs to pay attention and listen.  

So I set off to buy blowup microphones at the Dollar Tree and realized I have the lamest Dollar Tree ever:( So I put my little brain to use and came up with a plan.  

First I had my husband cut a piece of PVC pipe.  Each piece was 6" long he cut 12 total.  

I spray painted them black.

Next, I took styrofoam balls and painted them a metallic gray.  

After they dried I pressed the PVC pipe into the styrofoam ball to create a grove. 

That I filled with hot glue and glued together, creating a microphone:) 

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